UPDATE - This project is now closed. The next K-2 Building Bridges Project will take place in February-May 2013. Applications open until February 15. We hope you can join us!

Welcome to the K-2 Building Bridges to Tomorrow Project 12-2

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Kindergarten students at Yokohama International School, Teacher Tasha Cowdy

Teachers across the globe are joining their classrooms together to share and co-create media that can be used in future learning activities. The aim is for cultural interaction, global awareness, and to use technology to facilitate connecting and sharing.

Our Challenge: (Read More Here.....)

To connect K-2 classrooms around the world in meaningful discussions and collaborations and to show that co-creation of ideas and products is possible at this level of education

UPDATE - K-2 12-2 Project TEAMS are created now!
Review your team and connect with the other teachers and students!
Add further class information on the Master Class List

Invitation to JOIN K-2 Building Bridges - The next project starts in February 2012. Read more and apply today!

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